The imported products market has been seen as an interesting business especially for us Brazilians, due not only to the advantages in relation to the final price of the product produced in Brazil in relation to the imported product but also in relation to the quality, which depending on the product and the product. vendor may vary greatly. When thinking about importing products with origin and quality, it is not strange to associate with those made by American companies in the United States. US product prices are largely much lower than those in Brazil, mainly due to some key factors such as the quality of labor (which reduces losses and is more efficient in the manufacture of products and parts). tax and monetary system that encourages exports (after all the dollar is the standard currency of international trade), thus ensuring its competitive prices. Given these points, often the importation of a product or input can be much more affordable than bought in Brazil, but you must make calculations to see if it pays or not, such as import taxes that this product will have on arrival to the country (II, IPI, PIS, COFINS), the exchange variation and the international transportation cost of the goods.

To make importing worthwhile, it is important to have knowledge of the market and the bureaucratic system to work with. Moreover, reliable suppliers are essential, so you should always check their reputation and value the quality of the goods. Other variables such as the operation of taxes, the type of freight on import, checking the delivery time and being aware of the legislation on imported products are important. (see 5 import tips)

However, this process is quite complicated and the help of a trading company to import can be advantageous. The intermediary, which seeks to streamline and facilitate commercialization between manufacturers and other purchasing companies, has a team with extensive experience to offer the best logistics solutions and the entire process, besides having a network of several suppliers abroad, and knowledge of cultural characteristics, legislation, transportation and payment methods, being responsible for all difficulties that may appear during the operation. Thus, for an importer who has no extensive knowledge of the process, Trading Company appears as a solution for a safer business.

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