Questions about importing? We have prepared 5 Tips for Companies that are starting to Import.

The current situation of the Brazilian economy has been affecting several companies and one of the solutions is to innovate. So one way out of the crisis is to start importing.  Here are 5 tips for companies starting to import:

1. Understand the Process

Before starting to import, the company must know how to do this. The company should study the feasibility of performing such operations and, subsequently, the import process. There are two ways to import a RADAR (Registration and Tracking of Customs Actors) with the IRS of Brazil or contract a Trading Company, which will take care of the entire process for the company. Both ways have good and bad sides, varying from company to company which mode is most interesting.

2. Calculate economic viability

When deciding to import, the company must verify that the business is viable. You must have all the information at all stages of the process (freight, insurance, and everything that comes with import costs) to verify whether or not the process is profitable for the company.

To make this calculation easier, many companies outsource this very technical service. Hiring a company that specializes in the whole operational area is a great solution for entrepreneurs without experience and knowledge in this technical part of importation.

3. Prospect suppliers at the source from whom the company will buy, or have a company that does it for you

To start importing, the company must conduct research to prospect suppliers and verify their registration status at source. This process can take a long time, depending on the product to be imported and the origin of such product.

Thus, several companies hire Trading Companies to handle this process. These companies offer services that meet customer requests for production inspection and / or pre-shipment, international freight and insurance contracting, product diversity, minimum quantity, quality control.

4. Choose suppliers in Brazil

Anyone who thinks it is just necessary to place the order and receive the goods at home is making a big mistake. The choice of a supplier in the country of destination of the goods, in this case Brazil, is fundamental. You can hire a Trading Company, as I mentioned in tip 3, or a customs broker, for example, is a choice, since for the import process to be successful it is necessary for suppliers to provide agile services in a regulated manner.

5. Stay on top of legal requirements

Naturally, the company must know all the legal requirements necessary for a product to be imported, or the supplier in Brazil to have this knowledge. One must be sure if the imported product needs any specific certification, which is done with the various national bodies (Inmetro, Anvisa, Ministry of Labor, among others), in order to check if there will be any extra cost for the product. is approved in Brazil.

The aid of a Trading (Company authorized by the government to export or import product to other companies) is essential for everything to go well with its import. The agency reduces the cost of international shipping without intermediaries, as well as handling door-to-door freight.

Thinking about importing but don’t know what the cost? Get a Free Quote or Call 031 3318-9100 and talk to one of our attendants.

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