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    Our solid partnerships with airlines and internationally renowned freight forwarders allow us to offer integrated, competitive and customized solutions, accessible to the main logistics hubs in the world. We provide our clients with a great variety of origins and destinations for the freight of their cargo, guaranteeing excellency along the entire way.

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    For our ocean freight services, we provide our clients with a constant follow up of operations, informing them about the progress of their shipments in real time. Besides that, we have built a solid reputation with the most well known carriers in the market, which allows us to develop exclusive negotiations and customized solutions to each demand.
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    With a strong presence in South America (Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay) and support offices strategically located in the main boarders, we are structured to fulfill all your trucking demands, nationally and internationally. We count with a modern and equipped fleet of trucks, ready to move your cargo with safety and agility, all the way to its final destination.

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    We are focused in turning CE Cargo into a bridge between Brazil and the rest of the world. With this purpose, our team is compromised in developing logistics solutions that encompass your cargo’s entire transportation process, regardless of where it needs to be collected (address of origin) or to where it needs to be transported (final destination).
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    We count with an extensive networking list and a team that is specialized in the customs processes and regulations in many different countries. Therefore, we are able to take care of all your import or export documentation, ensuring that your freight occurs in a fast and effective manner and that you won’t face any issues during your cargo’s nationalization.
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    Aiming to protect our clients from having any financial damage resulted of possible incidents with the freight of their cargo, CE has established partnerships with the best international insurance companies. This way, we guarantee total integrity and protection not only for the cargoes we transport, but also for the operations of our clients.